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Parents and Teachers

skoool Zambia is a vast educational resource for parents teachers to use inventively and creatively in the classroom and at home to add extra value to their classroom teaching of Maths and Science.

Using ICT in the classroom can have a high impact on pupils' learning and if you have connectivity in the classroom, skoool Zambia really comes into its own. Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of skoool Zambia in the classroom.

In the Classroom and the Computer Room

The effective use of interactive whiteboard technology can transform the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom, allowing for discussion and analysis. Such collaboration helps develop critical thinking skills, such as enquiry and reasoning skills, as students observe and predict events. Interactive lessons and simulations can be projected onto a screen or displayed on an interactive whiteboard for the class to follow as a group.

The pace at which the lessons run can be controlled by you, and key points can be recapped simply by using the navigation in the interface. Audio can be turned on and off, to allow you to add your own commentary, or add to the instructional content being delivered to your students.

Progress tests are built into each of the lessons which can be used to engage students and test their understanding. To assess your class’ understanding of a topic, you could get each student to complete the assessments and record their results, charting their progress through the subject.