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Grade 9: Biology

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1. Population Size

Understand that the size of a population depends on the resources and space available, predators and disease.

2. Competition for Resources

Understand that plants and animals will compete with each other if resources are limited.

3. Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

Learn some effects that the different chemicals in cigarette smoke can have on the body.

4. Comparing Respiration and Burning

Understand the differences between aerobic respiration and burning.

5. Differences between Photosynthesis and Respiration

Learn the differences between photosynthesis and respiration.

6. Experiments to Compare Inhaled and Exhaled Air

Learn how to compare inhaled and exhaled air.

7. Seasonal Changes in Population Size

Understand how some organisms are adapted to survive seasonal changes in their habitats.

8. Habitats

Learn how different habitats have different features which determine the organisms that can live there.

9. Photosynthesis

Learn that plants make food by photosynthesis and the word equation that represents it.

10. Plant Organs

Learn the names and functions of some plant organs.

11. Studying Habitats

Understand the observations and measurements that need to be made when studying a habitat.

12. The Circulatory System

Learn the names of the different types of blood vessels, and that substances are exchanged between the blood and cells at capillary walls.

13. The Role of the Leaf in Photosynthesis

Learn that the leaf is the organ where photosynthesis occurs and understand how it is adapted for its function.

14. Water and Mineral Salt Uptake

Learn that root hair cells absorb water and mineral salts from the soil, and understand how they are adapted for this function.

15. Interdependence

Learn how different organisms within a community depend on each other for their survival.