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Grade 8: Physics

Online lessons to help you learn.

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1. Magnetism and Electric Current

Learn that wires carrying an electric current produce a magnetic field and that a current in a coil produces a magnetic field pattern similar to a bar magnet.

2. Mass, Weight and Gravity

Learn that the weight of an object on Earth is the result of the gravitational attraction between its mass and that of the Earth, and know that weight is a force so is measured in newtons.

3. Satellites

Learn that the moon is a natural satellite of the Earth and how satellites stay in orbit around the Earth.

4. The Seasons and Day Length

Understand how the tilt and movement of the Earth causes the seasons.

5. Understanding Magnets

Learn that magnets attract magnetic materials and that like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

6. Uses of Satellites

Learn some uses of artificial satellites.

7. Year Length

Learn that a year is the time it takes for a planet to orbit the Sun and that a year on Earth is 365.25 days. Understand why planets further from the Sun have a longer year.

8. Magnetic Fields

Understand that a magnetic field is a region of space where magnetic materials experience forces and learn that magnetic field line patterns show the relative strength of magnetic fields.