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Grade 8: Maths

Online lessons to help you learn.

Take online learning one step at a time with our digital content and interactive simulations. To launch a lesson click on the green folder symbol. To launch a simulation click on the green hand symbol.

1. Algebraic Fractions

Understand how to use fractions when the numerators and denominators contain algebraic expressions.

2. Bisecting Lines

Learn how to bisect lines and angles using a compass and a straight edge.

3. Pythagoras' Theorem

Learn Pythagoras' Theorem.

4. Solids

Learn how to name and draw 3-dimensional shapes, such as cylinders, cones, tetrahedrons, prisms and pyramids.

5. Variables

Learn how to replace numbers with letters called variables.

6. Symmetry

Learn how to name polygons and how to draw lines of symmetry on a variety of shapes.

7. Brackets

Learn how to contain terms in brackets.

8. Multiplication of Variables

Understand how to multiply variables and terms in expressions.

9. Multiplying by 10, 100

Learn how to multiply and divide numbers using powers of 10.

10. Terms

Learn what a term is and understand how to collect terms that are alike.

11. Triangle Types

Learn how to recognise and name different types of triangles.

12. Axial Symmetry

Learn about axial symmetry and the difference between the axes.