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Grade 7: Maths

Online lessons to help you learn.

Take online learning one step at a time with our digital content and interactive simulations. To launch a lesson click on the green folder symbol. To launch a simulation click on the green hand symbol.

1. Data handling

A basic introduction to tallying raw data and drawing up a bar graph.

2. Angle types

Learn how to recognise different types of angle - acute, obtuse and reflex.

3. Angle Measure 1: Acute and Obtuse

To be able to construct and measure acute and obtuse angles.

4. Angle Measure 2: Reflex

To be able to construct and measure reflex angles.

5. Linear Equations

Learn how to recognise a linear equation.

6. Symmetry

Learn how to name polygons and how to draw lines of symmetry on a variety of shapes.

7. Planes of Symmetry

Understand how to find planes of symmetry on common solids.

8. Axial Symmetry

Learn about axial symmetry and the difference between the axes.

9. Plotting points in a quadrant

Learn to plot points on the Cartesian plane using co-ordinates.

10. Summing Decimals

Learn how to add and subtract numbers that have up to 2 decimal places.

11. Co-ordinates

Understand how to locate points in a 2-dimensional plane using co-ordinates.