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Grade 11: Chemistry

Online lessons to help you learn.

Take online learning one step at a time with our digital content and interactive simulations. To launch a lesson click on the green folder symbol. To launch a simulation click on the green hand symbol.

1. Displacement Reactions

Understand why more reactive metals will displace less reactive ones from their compounds.

2. Making a Salt using an Acid and an Alkali

Learn how to prepare a neutral salt sample using an acid and an alkali.

3. Making a Salt using an Insoluble Base

Learn how to prepare a neutral salt sample from an insoluble base.

4. The pH Scale

Learn that pH is a measure of the strength of an acid or alkali and how to interpret the colours of universal indicator solution.

5. Uses of Some Elements

Understand how the properties of some elements relate to how they are used.

6. Group 0 Elements

Learn about the properties of Nobel Gases.

7. Group 1 Metals - Properties and Reactions

Learn about the elements that make up Group 1 of the periodic table.

8. Group 7 Elements - Properties and Reactions

Find out more about the elements from Group 7.

9. Group 7 - Formation of Halides

Find out what halides are and how they are formed.