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Grade 11: Biology

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1. Malnutrition

Learn about malnutrition and give some examples of diseases caused by malnutrition.

2. Artificial Immunity

Find out ways we can protect our bodies from diseases and infections.

3. The Components of Blood

Learn about the roles of the various components of blood.

4. The Role Of Blood

The importance of blood in the human body.

5. The Circulatory System

An overview of the body's circulatory system.

6. Defence Mechanisms

How the body defends itself from disease.

7. Plants and Minerals

Understand why plants need minerals to thrive. Learn about some of the most important minerals.

8. Egestion

Learn that water is reabsorbed from undigested food in the large intestine before it forms waste faeces that are egested.

9. Structure of the Heart

Learn the basic structure of the heart.

10. White blood Cells

Learn how the white blood cells defend the body against disease.