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Grade 10: Physics

Online lessons to help you learn.

Take online learning one step at a time with our digital content and interactive simulations. To launch a lesson click on the green folder symbol. To launch a simulation click on the green hand symbol.

1. Balanced Forces

Learn that balanced forces produce no change in the movement of an object.

2. Calculating Moments

Understand the principle of moments and its application to situations involving one pivot.

3. Clockwise and Anticlockwise Moments

Learn that a moment is a turning force, which can be clockwise or anticlockwise.

4. Forces

Learn what forces are and what they can do.

5. Friction

Find out how frictional forces, including air resistance, can affect the motion of an object.

6. Gravity

Learn that gravity is a force of attraction which acts on Earth towards the centre of the planet, and that the size of the force of gravity depends on the mass of each object and the distance between them.

7. Gravity and the Solar System

Understand how the movement of planets around the Sun is related to gravitational forces.

8. Distance-time Graphs

Learn how to plot a distance-time graph and understand what it shows.

9. Measuring Speed

Learn how to work out the speed of a moving object and understand how to make calculations using the relationship between speed, distance and time.

10. Pivots and Levers

Learn that forces can cause objects to turn about a pivot and that the turning effect of a lever depends on the force and its distance from the pivot.

11. Stopping Distances

Find out how to calculate the total stopping distance of a car.

12. Stretching Materials

Learn that extension is proportional to load, within the elastic limit of a material.

12. Unbalanced Forces

Learn that unbalanced forces change the speed or direction of movement of objects and that balanced forces produce no change in the movement of an object.

13. Understanding Magnets

Learn that magnets attract magnetic materials and that like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

14. Useful Friction

Learn how frictional forces can be useful.

15. What Forces Do

Learn what forces can do and how to measure them.

16. Factors affecting Breaking distance

Understand that the braking distance of a car depends on its speed and other factors which affect the frictional forces needed to stop the car.

17. Factors affecting thinking distance

Understand that the stopping distance of a car depends on the alertness of the driver as well as its speed and frictional forces.

18. Comets

Learn how comets orbit around the sun.

19. Extra Terrestrial Life

Find out about the search for extra terrestrial life outside our solar system.

20. Planets, Galaxies and Orbits

An introduction to the objects in our universe.

21. Satellites

Find out how the moon orbits the Earth.

22. Stars

Interesting facts about the formation and death of a star.

23. The Universe and its Origin

Learn about the theory behind the "Big Bang".