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Grade 10: Maths

Online lessons to help you learn.

Take online learning one step at a time with our digital content and interactive simulations. To launch a lesson click on the green folder symbol. To launch a simulation click on the green hand symbol.

1. Finding Angles from Ratios

Learn how to use a scientific calculator to find angles when given a trigonometrical ratio.

2. Rotational Transformations

Learn to transform shapes by rotation using a compass, ruler and protractor.

3. Simultaneous Equations

Learn how to solve simultaneous equations using the elimination method.

4. Solids

Learn how to name and draw 3-dimensional shapes, such as cylinders, cones, tetrahedrons, prisms and pyramids.

5. Trigonometric Ratios

Understand that the trigonometrical ratios are ratios of triangle sides.

6. Understanding Rotation

Understand and use the language associated with rotations.

7. Using Pythagoras's Theorem

Learn how Pythagoras' Theorem can be used to solve problems with right-angled triangles.

8. Simultaneous Equations

To understand what simultaneous equations are†and learn†how to solve simultaneous equations and problems, using simultaneous equations.

9. Factors 1 - Extracting Common Factors

Learn how to reverse the process of multiplying into brackets to extract common factors from an expression.

10. Factors 1 - Factorising Quadratics

Learn how to factorise Quadratics of the Form x2 + bx + c.

11. Factors 1 - Grouping Similar Terms

Learn how to rearrange the terms in an expression in order to group terms that have a common factor.

12. Factors 1 - Groups of Four Terms

Learn how to factorise expressions with four terms that have different common factors, by grouping similar terms together.

13. Factors 1 - Simple Quadratics

Learn how to factorise simple quadratics.

14. Pythagoras Theorem - Identify When Used

Learn how to identify when Pythagorasí Theorem can be used to solve triangles.

15. Pythagoras Theorem - Opposite Adjacent Unknown

Learn how to solve right-angled triangles when the opposite or adjacent side is unknown.

16. Pythagoras Theorem - Side Right Another Known

Learn how to solve right-angled triangles when one side, the right angle and another angle are given.

17. Pythagoras Theorem - Unknown Guided Problem

Follow a guided example on how to find the hypotenuse, given the other two sides in a right-angled triangle.

18. Pythagoras Theorem - When Hypotenuse Unknown

Learn how to find the hypotenuse, given the other two sides in a right-angled triangle.