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Grade 10: Biology

Online lessons to help you learn.

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1. Cell Structure and Function

Learn the names and functions of some of the structures found in plant and animal cells.

2. Defence Against Disease

Understand how microbes can enter the body and how the body tries to prevent this from happening.

3. A Balanced Diet

An overview of the food groups that form a balanced diet.

4. Digestion Experiments

Here are some important experiments related to digestion.

5. Digestion - Part 1

An introduction to digestion.

6. Digestion - Part 2

Learn how food is broken down in the stomach.

7. Digestion - Part 3

Learn about enzymes.

8. Food Tests

Methods used to test the existence of various substances found in food.

9. Aerobic Respiration

Find out what aerobic respiration is and its comparison with combustion.

10. Anaerobic Respiration

Find out what anaerobic respiration is, and its effects during exercise.

11. Breathing And Respiration

Learn about the importance of breathing.

12. Fermentation

Learn about fermentation and how it is used to produce foods such as bread.

13. Gas Exchange

Learn how oxygen and carbon dioxide is transported around the body.

14. Composition of Inhaled and Exhaled Air

An overview of the gases found in inhaled and exhaled air.

15. Respiration Overview

An introduction to the process of respiration.

16. Respiration in Plants

Find out about the respiration process in plants.

17. Smoking

A warning about the harmful effects of smoking.

18. Digestion Experiments 1

Learn that enzymes digest foods so that they can be absorbed into the blood.

19. Digestion Experiments 2

Understand that enzymes work best at a specific pH.

20. Effects of Smoking on the Lungs

Learn how smoking cigarettes can damage the breathing system.

21. Enzymes and Digestion

Learn the properties of enzymes and know that some enzymes are involved in the digestion of foods.

22. Experiments to Compare Inhaled and Exhaled Air

Learn how to compare inhaled and exhaled air.

23. Preparing Slides of Animal Cells

Learn how to prepare a slide of human cheek cells.

24. Preparing Slides of Plant Cells

Learn how to prepare a slide of onion cells.

25. Rate of Photosynthesis

Learn how to measure the rate of photosynthesis and understand what factors affect it.

26. Temperature and Enzymes

Understand how temperature affects enzyme activity.

27. The Uses of Glucose

Learn that the glucose made during photosynthesis can be respired or changed into a variety of chemicals by combining with other elements.

28. Experiments to Compare Inhaled and Exhaled Air

Learn how to compare inhaled and exhaled air.